Under the Hood Overall Rating: Good

Hood Struts OK
Hood Latch OK
Computer Diagnostic - OBD OK
Fluids Leak OK
Hoses OK
Belts OK
Battery OK
Starter OK
Cold/ Hot Start OK
Engine Idling OK
Engine Temperature OK
Excessive Smoke OK

Fluids Overall Rating: Fair

Oil Level Very Low
Engine Oil Sludge Fair
Transmission Fluid OK
Coolant Level Low
Brake Fluid OK
Power Steering Fluid OK


Oil is low and black, no leaks found, recommend to change oil and filter as soon as possible. Need to add coolant.

Undercarriage Overall Rating: Good

Frame Damage / Repair OK
Transmission leaks OK
Engine leaks OK
Shock Absorbers Leaks OK
Tie Rods OK
Front Differential OK
Front CV Boots / Seals OK
Drive Shaft / Seals OK
Differential OK
Rear CV Boots / Seals OK
Exhaust System Rusty
Visual Brakes Inspection OK


The exhaust system is starting to show signs of rust.