INTERIOR ITEMS Overall Rating: Fair

Smoker Residue / Odors OK
Steering Wheel OK
Steering Buttons Operation OK
Horn OK
Wiper Control OK
Turn Light Control OK
Knobs / Buttons Slightly Faded
Trim OK
Dashboard OK
Cup Holder OK
Sunvisor Vanity Mirrors OK
Dome Light OK
Rear View Mirror / Compass OK
Armrest OK
Trunk Latch OK
Hood Release OK
Manual Door Locks OK
Seat Belts Poor
Glove Box OK
Owner’s Manual Missing
Seat position Adjusters OK
Window Switches OK
Manual Window Operation OK
Power Steering OK


Rear passenger side seat belt is doesn't retract.


Front Seats OK
Rear Seats OK
Front Carpeting Missing
Rear Carpeting OK
Headliner OK
Door Panels OK


Passenger drive side mat is missing.

CLUSTER Overall Rating: Good

Cluster Illumination OK
Start Warning Lights OK
ABS Warning Light Warning On
Check Engine Light OK
Fuel Gauge OK
Airbag Warning Light OK
Park Brake - Light Warning On
Seat Belt Lights OK
Tachometer OK
Temperature OK
Emergency Flashers OK
Other Gauges OK


ABS and break light warning lights are on, needs wire diagnostics.

Climate Control Overall Rating: Good

Automatic Climate Control OK
Air Condition OK
Heater OK
Vent Blower Speed OK
Fresh Air Mode OK
Re circulating Air Mode OK

Trunk Overall Rating: Good

Odor OK
Liftgate Struts OK
Tailgate Accident Repair OK
Trunk Light OK
Cargo Area Carpet OK
Spare Tire OK
Tire Jack OK
Tool Kit OK
First Aid Kit No Kit
Lock Nut Key No Lock Key